This MUST be completed on the Back Office / Server.

  1. Open Amicus and log into an administrative account on your Back Office / Server.
  2. Using the menu bar, navigate to ‘File > Maintenance > Backup Database’

  3. Select ‘Automated Backups’ from the tab list then check the ‘Use Automated Backup’ box.

  4. Set the time of day when you would like SprintPOS to backup your data. Ideally this would be at the end of your day after all data has been finalized.
  5. After, select the number of days you keep backed up. This will keep this number of backups on your system, after this number has been reached the backup will override the oldest stored.

  6. You can also select a specific backup location. This is used for configuring external and offsite backups.

  7. Click ‘Save’ to save your changes. You can also start a backup immediately by selecting ‘Backup Now’
  8. Contact Neotechnology to restore any backups.