Amicus Hospitality & Basic Features

An Introduction to the Delivery Order Module

Key Points Outlined

· How to process a delivery order

· How to assign a driver to a delivery

How to process a delivery order

1. On the Amicus Home Screen select “Meal Order Module” and hover down to “Create Delivery Order” (outlined in red)

2. Select the customer by selecting find (outlined in red), or select a “Cash Sale” if the customer is new and collect their details for future use.

To find already existing customers, select the “Find” button, to create a new record select “New”.

The “Notes” field is volatile and will be reset at each instance per customer, if the customer requests their delivery at a certain time it is usually the best idea to note it down in there as it will print with the invoice.

A completed delivery detail window should be similar to shown below.

3. Add items to the order. The menu will function the same as any other eat-in order.

The customer can decide if to pay over the phone or pay on delivery. If the customer decides to pay now the order will process as usual and print both a receipt and delivery docket, where if it is a Pay on Delivery Order only a delivery docket will be printed.

How to Assign a Driver to a Delivery

1. Select the “Meal Order Module” and select the “Delivery Order Manager”

2. At the bottom of the screen select “Deliver”

Then the order that you wish to set out for Delivery

The “Deliver” button that was originally selected will now turn blue stating “Select Driver”, select blue button and chose the Driver.

Drivers have to be assigned in the Staff Creation menu.

Once a Driver has been assigned they have to be “Cashed Up”, Cashed Up assigns the amount of the deliveries that have been given to that driver and makes them as an owing status, to clear this owning status when they return then the order must be receipted and the money tendered.

3. Select the “Driver Cash-up” button, to the right of the “Driver”. Do this once the driver has been assigned with their orders.

And select the driver from the drop down Menu (outlined in Red)

And select “Process Sale”