Amicus Customer Loyalty

Helping you reward your customers

Key Points Outlined

· Activating Loyalty Accrual

· Creating Loyalty Offer

· Assigning Loyalty

· Redeeming Loyalty

Activating Loyalty Accrual

In order for Amicus to recognise that the rule for customer point accrual is in place, a voucher type must be assigned to the rule and the tills must be activated to start recording points to an accrual system.

1. Select “File” (outlined in red), “Maintenance” (outlined in blue) and select “Add / Edit Voucher Types” (outlined in green).

This will display a small window that allows the user to assign a name to the voucher. Please note to keep the “default amount” to “0”. 

Once it has been named, select “save” to ensure the voucher type is applied into the database.

2. Select “File” (outlined in red), “Preferences” (outlined in blue) and “All Registers” (outlined in green).

These settings will apply all tills, to modify a single till simply select “This Register”.

3. In the “All Registers” settings, use the right arrow to scroll across until the “Loyalty Settings” tab can be seen.

a. Select the loyalty settings and ensure that “Allow Point Accrual at Sale Time”

b. Set “value per voucher increment” (dollar value to increase increment of voucher)

c. St “Points per voucher increment” (how many points will be assigned once dollar value is achieved). 

d. Select the voucher type.

Creating a Loyalty Offer

1. Hover to the “Customer” (outlined in red) tab; navigate to “Customer Loyalty” (outlined in blue), then select “Customer Loyalty Points Manager” (outlined in green).

2. Once in the “Customer Loyalty Manager”, select “Add” (outlined in red) to create the terms of which customers will receive points for.

3. The “Loyalty Rules” page allows the user to set up the specific terms of which they would like loyalty points to be assigned to. Items from certain products, suppliers, manufacturer and sites.

The main fields that require populating are the “Description”, “Points Per” and “Date”. These fields should contain an abbreviated description of the voucher conditions, how many dollars to be spent to earn a point and the date of which you wish for the promotion to end. Please note that if the date settings are left to default then the promotions will need to be manually deleted at a later date.

The above is an example of a simple loyalty rule that would be added into Amicus.

Be sure to select “Save” in order for the rule to be applied across your amicus databases.

Once the rule has been created and saved Amicus should display it as an active rule that is able to be setup for point accrual instantly.

Assigning Loyalty

Loyalty schemes within Amicus are design to be a method of rewarding customers. Amicus achieves this by assigning sales made to customers and rewarding them with points. Therefore customer details and accounts are required in order to create generate loyalty.

1. Go to the “Make a sale screen”

Make a sale as usual; just ensure that it is assigned to a customer. Loyalty will not be given out to a cash sale.

A recommend method of assigning loyalty is through distributing customer loyalty cards with a barcode that is able to be scanned to identify customers.

Redeeming Loyalty

The method of redeeming loyalty is a matter of creating a voucher assigned to a particular customer, making a sale and redeeming that voucher towards a sale.

1. Select “Customers” (outlined in red), “Customer Loyalty” (outlined in blue) and “Redeem Customer Points for Voucher Wizard” (outlined in green).

2. Follow the instructions of the Wizard…

Make sure to leave the customer search to “All”, this will find all customers who are eligible for a voucher. These should be run once a month or as the business scope demands it.

Be sure to name the voucher accordingly using only text. For the sake of organisation it is usually a good idea to mention the month of which the vouchers are being distributed for.

Select “Next” to continue.

This window allows the user to see which accounts / customers have how many points, select next to assign these vouchers to the customers listed.

A file will ask to be saved, it is just meta data regarding the voucher details, create a folder and save it into that location and select “save”.

Go to the “Make a sale screen”

Add the products to the screen and also enter the customer number / name

And add “voucher” as a product in the product find bar

Add the product to the lined items

Ensure the voucher is set to redeem, also ensure that the redeem amount is that of what the total of the lined items are, otherwise the entire value of the voucher will be cashed and the rest will be unusable.

Continue the sale as usual and the discount will be applied

The voucher will remain whatever value is left over from each purchase until its value reaches zero.