Amicus Retail - Barcodes

An Introduction to configuring Amicus barcodes

Key Points Outlined

· configuring Amicus barcodes

· printing Amicus barcodes

1. File > Preferences > All Registers  

2. Scroll across to the “label” ribbon and select it, make sure that you’re settings look like are shown below.

3. Return to step 1 and select “Printer” settings instead of “All Registers”

In your printer configuration make sure that you have the printer type set to an “A4” and that the correct driver is selected by pressing the “select” button and selecting your printer.

4.  Once the printer for Amicus to use has been configured select products, then “A4 sheet labels”.

5. On the Sheet Labels window add your products in by barcode name and press enter twice, when all the products that are desired are in the field, select print.