This document will cover how to add, delete and edit the ‘Product Pad’ menu. This document consists of general information to create menus on the product pad as well as adding and editing products within those menus. This document was made using a restaurant version 6.07.00. 89060 of Amicus but the same procedures can be used on any current version of Amicus. This document was made for an ordinary user with little to no previous exposure to Amicus. For further help or for more detailed information regarding Product Pad management please contact the NeoTechnology support staff on 1300 88 00 48. This document was made on the basis that the Amicus software is already installed.

Product Pad

The product pad on Amicus is the left hand area of the sales screen as highlighted in Figure1. As a standard the product pad contains the ‘Standard Actions’ menu button as well as its submenu buttons including ‘Cash In/Out’, ‘Close Till’, ‘Balance Till’ etc. This menu area can be arranged and modified to facilitate the use of Amicus by placing quick access buttons or menus for easy search on the sale screen.


One of the most important part of managing the product pad is understanding the difference between a page and a product. A page within the product pad is simply a menu with its own set of products inside it. Creating a page on the product pad will cause a top menu to be created at the top of product pad alongside all the other pages. Whilst a product is simply put an item within a page which can be selected to sell. A page can however be place inside another page. This is used to create a submenu within a menu. Adding a page to another page will place the submenu button alongside the products. In Amicus there is only on line allocated for the top menu pages. This allow four top menu button side by side. Anymore pages added to the top menu will cause it to create a side swipe for more menus.

Adding Pages and Products to the Product Pad.

Adding a page and product to the product pad is quick and simple. From the start menu click on ‘File’ menu on the top left hand corner of the menu screen. From the drop down menu click on ‘Maintenance’, then click on ‘Product Pad’ and then click on ‘Manage Product Pad Pages’. This will open a new window as shown in figure3.

In the new window shown in figure3 click on the ‘Add’ button. This will add a new page underneath the ‘Standard Actions’ page already in the middle of the window, then click on the save button in the bottom right hand corner of the window. Adding pages will enable you to separate multiple products into different categories and therefore find them quicker whilst making a sale. Once a page has been added you can add product or pages into the page. To do this select the page you wish to add products to and click on the ‘Edit Items’ button. This will open a new window as shown in figure4. In this window you can add products or pages to the page by clicking on the respective button. When adding either a product or page highlight the item to add and click on ‘Add Selected’. You can also add key maps such as ‘Meal order menu’, till actions and report actions to the page. This will create a product on the product pad which will redirect to the screen selected in the key map. Once all items have been added click on the ‘Save’ button on the bottom right hand corner of the window and close the window. Then when you open the make a sale screen you should have a new top menu as shown in figure 5.

Editing the Product Pad

To edit the product pad open up the product pad management as shown before. Once in the product pad management window certain modification can be made to the product pad. Such as showing or not showing certain menu, changing the colours of certain product button, or enabling/disabling certain menu for different staff members. To prevent too many top menu from being created and to avoid the need to side swipe we recommend creating as many pages as needed but placing them all in one or two main page. This will created a link for each page in those main pages. Then disabling the many pages will prevent too many menus from being created. To do this click on the ‘Allocate Till Group’ button on the bottom left hand corner of the Product Pad Management window. This will open up a new window as shown in figure6. From there you can select which page is shown on the main product pad menu by checking or unchecking the enabled check box. We recommend having only one or two menu checked in this manner. Once that is done click on save and close. Then once you make a sale you should have only one or two top menu as shown in figure7. We recommend that products and pages not be under the same page. We recommend all products be imputed into the last page possible to simplify usage of the Product Pad.


You can also select in which order the product or pages are displayed as well as their size, colour, image and shape. To change the size of the buttons simply open the Product Pad management and under the ‘Button Size’ tab select between small, medium or large. This will change all the buttons that fall under that page. If other pages fall under that page all of their products will remain the original size unless the button size for that page is changed. To change the order, colour and shape of the product buttons in a page simply open the page by clicking on the page and then clicking on ‘Edit Items’. This will open the window as shown in figure4. Then simply select the item you want to move up or down and click on the arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the window. This will reorganise them as you see fit. To change the colour and button shape simple click on colour and button shape description of the item you wish to change and change it. To add an image to a product simply select the product then under the ‘Image’ tab select the image to be used. We recommend that products have a different colour than pages.

Deleting Pages and Products from the Product Pad.

To delete a page or product is simple. Select the page you wish to delete and click on the ‘Delete’ button whilst in the Product Pad management. Similarly if you wish to delete a product then open the page in wish the product is located, highlight the product to remove and click on ‘Delete’ located in the bottom right hand corner of the window.