This document will cover how to back up and restore a database through Microsoft SQL 2008 (note that this process may differ slightly if done using another version of Microsoft SQL. This document was made using Microsoft SQL 2008 – SQL Server Management Studio. This document was made for an ordinary user with little to no previous exposure to Microsoft SQL. For further help or for more detailed information regarding Backing up and Restoring databases in Microsoft SQL please contact the NeoTechnology support staff on 1300 88 00 48. This document was made on the basis that Microsoft SQL 2008 is already installed

Microsoft SQL 2008

Microsoft SQL 2008 is a software provided by Microsoft and used by NeoTechnology to manage and administer the databases used in Amicus. The information stored within the databases are critical to the functioning of Amicus and NeoTechnology does not recommend any user to edit or delete any databases within Microsoft SQL without either consulting NeoTechnology or having a good understanding of SQL coding.

Backing up a Database on Microsoft SQL

Backing up a database is a very simple and quick procedure. A backup done through the SQL Server Management Studio is a more complete and thorough then one conducted through the Amicus Software. NeoTechnology would recommend that a backup of the database be done through SQL whenever possible, this is not however mandatory or critical.

To back up a database in SQL first open the SQL Server Management Studio. This can be done by searching for it in the start menu and clicking on it to open. Once it is open it will ask you to log into a server. A server generally installed by NeoTechnology will be called (local). If the server used by your company is different then please input your server name and your login credentials where required. This will open the software as shown in figure1.

From there expand the menu ‘Databases’. This will give you a list of all databases currently installed onto your computer as shown in figure2. From there right click on the database you want to backup. This will open a small menu list. From that list select ‘Tasks’ and then ‘Back Up’, as shown in figure2. This will open a new window as shown in figure3.


In this window you can select the name you want to call the back-up by inputting a new name in the ‘Name’ field under ‘Backup set’. You can also chose where to back-up the database to. To do this click on the ‘Remove’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the window, to remove the current back-up location, then click on the ‘Add’ button above it and follow the prompts to add a new back-up location. When you have finished setting up the back up or if you don’t want to change anything then simply click on the ‘Ok’ button at the bottom of the window. This will back-up the database. In the bottom left hand corner a ‘Progress’ sub menu will show the state of the back-up. Once the backup has been completed a window will pop up informing you that the back-up is finished. You can then move or export this database wherever you wish. Note the database back-up will be a .bak file.

Restoring a database on Microsoft SQL

To restore a database is a simple and almost reverse process of the back-up procedure. To restore a database load up the SQL Server Management Studio as before and log into it as previously done. When this is done right click on the ‘Databases’ menu and select ‘Restore Databases’ as shown in figure4. This will open a new window as shown in figure5.

In the new window enter a database name in the field ‘To Database’, then select ‘From device’ and select which back-up to restore. Once the back-up has been selected it will be put into the into the database field in figure5. Then click on the ‘Ok’ button on the bottom of the window. Once the database has been restored a window prompt will appear to inform you that the restoration is complete.

Preparing a Database for use in Microsoft SQL

Once a back-up database has been restored it is necessary to prepare it for use in Amicus. NeoTechnology does not recommend a user to attempt to do this if they have little knowledge of Microsoft SQL. 

Please contact Neotechnology Support on 1300 88 00 48 and we will organise to have your database ready for use.