Epson Printer Guide

Changing the font on an Epson Kitchen Printer


Key Points Outlined

· How to change font on an Epson UT220 Epson Kitchen Printer


1. Press the “Start” button on the bottom left hand of Windows, and select “Control Panel”

2. Double click on “Hardware and Sound”

3. Select “Devices and Printers”

4. Double click on “EPSON TM-U220” this will open the spooling window for this printer 

5. Hover over “Printer” and select “Properties”

6. Select “Preferences”

7. Locate the “Printer Settings” and select the “Substitute” option as shown.

8. Select “Advanced Settings” in the Printer setting Window and select “Substitute all”

9. In the “Do not substitute” open the dropdown box and select “FontB255”. Before exiting be sure to press “apply” on ALL Windows.