This document will cover how to add, delete, and edit Stock. This document consists of general information to increase/decrease stock. This document was made using a General Retail version of Amicus but the same procedures can be used on any current version of Amicus. This document was made for an ordinary user with little to no previous exposure to Amicus. For further help or for more detailed information regarding Stock Adjustment please contact the NeoTechnology support staff on 1300 88 00 48. This document was made on the basis that the Amicus software is already installed

Stock Adjustment

Stock management is an integral part of any business. A detail and easy to use stock management system is a must for any company and is something that is quick and easy to complete with the Amicus system. The Amicus system enables you to have completed control over your stock, stock flow and stock control. This document will cover step by step instructions on how to adjust stock, receive stock, and transfer stock.

Adjusting stock

Adjusting stock is one of the most important parts of starting up a business. Knowing exactly how much sock you have received at all time is important, and being able to adjust and add stock as you go is an important feature.

To add stock to the system simply load the Amicus software. From the main screen click the ‘Products’ menu located on the top left hand menu bar. From the ensuing drop menu, click on ‘Stock Adjustment’ as shown in figure1. This will open a new window as shown in figure2.

In the new window you can determine which product to adjust and by how much you want to adjust the stock. Under the heading ‘Barcode or Product ID’ you can enter the barcode of the product to edit. You can also use the ‘description’ tag as well as the ‘find’ button to select the product to edit.

Once a product has been selected the field under the ‘Adjustment QTY’ heading becomes editable. In that field you can select by how much you want to edit the stock of the product.

The field under the ‘Adjustment Type’ heading is a drop down menu. In that menu you can select what sort of adjustment you would like to carry out. They are ‘Damaged’, for stock which are no longer going to be sold, ‘Loss/Theft’, for stolen stock, ‘Out of Date’, for stock that are no longer going to be sold, and ‘Stock Increase’, for new stock being added.

Once all fields have been filled out simply click on save to finalise and apply the change in stock value.