SQL & Amicus Install Guide

May 2014

1. Insert the SQL DVD / CD1 and let the auto-run function start the installation. If the auto-run fails to start, manually access the installation by opening “My Computer” and accessing your Disk Drive and double click on the “Install.exe” icon.

Select “New installation” to continue the SQL installation.

2. Before the installation continues the program searches if any perquisite software needs to be installed in order to progress.

Once the search for required software is complete select “Install”

3. When the perquisites have finished installing ensure that you have selected to “Perform a new installation of SQL Server 2008” and select “next”.

4. Select “next” at the Product Key Screen.

5. Tick the “I accept the License Terms” box and select “next”.

6. Ensure on the “Feature Selection” screen that you have selected all the options. All features are required in order to allow SQL to work properly. Unselecting certain features is only recommended for advanced users only.

Select “next” to continue

7. On the “Instance Configuration” screen, be sure to change the selection of “Named Instance” to “Default Instance” and select “next”.

8. On the “Server Configuration” screen all SQL Server Services must use the same account.

Click on the “Use the same account for all SQL Server Services” (Outlined in blue), select the dropdown menu (outlined and red) and change the selection to “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM” (outlined in black) as the account. When the account is selected be 

sure to press “OK” to save the setting.

Once completed, select next.

9. Once on the “Database Engine Configuration” Screen, changed the default selection of “Windows Authentication Mode” to “Mixed Mode”.

When the setting has been changed you will be required to set a password. Make the password “amicus!@#” (case sensitive and without the quotation marks).

Select “next” when completed.

10. On the “Error Reporting” screen, select “next” and continue.

11. Allow the program to install. This may take several minutes depending on the speed of your computer.

12. When the installation is finished, select “Close” to conclude the installation.

Amicus Installation Guide

1. Go to your Amicus folder. Once in your Amicus folder find a file called “install.exe” when found right Click and “Run as Administrator”.

This will initiate the installation.

2. Select “Accept” and select “next” to continue the installation.

3. The installation is now specifying an install address on your Hard Drive. Ensure that the address is “c:\program files\amicus”

Otherwise there will be problems with the operation of Amicus.

Select “Proceed” to continue.

4. Allow the program a few minutes to install and select “Finished” when the installation is completed.

5. When Amicus is run for the first time there will be an “Activation Wizard”.  This activation allows you to validate your license for the software on that system. Select “Activate Now” to continue.

6. There are two options for how to activate Amicus. The “Use the Web” option allows you to have your product activated over the web through minimal details needed.

All you need to do is enter your “Product I.D” and your “Registration Name”.

Once this is done select “next”.

7. Once your product has been activated the allocation Wizard must assign the software to the hardware. Select “next” when the “Allocation Wizard” appears and wait until it is finished.

8. To finalise your installation find the Amicus install folder in your Hard Drive. The address usually is “C:\Program Files\amicus”. Inside you will find a file named “pos3.ini”. This is a configuration file that allows communication between Amicus and SQL to 

function correctly. Open this file by double clicking it and ensure all the information is correct.

Make sure to save this document once edited (Ctrl+S).

One this is complete Amicus will be ready for use.